Outdoor living on a warm summer day is not complete without a BBQ. Whether it’s fish, meat or vegetarian food being prepared, the addition of freshly picked herbs will enhance their flavor exponentially.

Herbs grow well in pots, barrels, urns, window boxes and hanging baskets.

Parsley, thyme, marjoram and oregano grow well together, tumbling and spilling out from hanging baskets, thriving in sunlight.

Mints can be mixed together, dark green spearmint, variegated apple mint, pineapple mint, golden ginger mint and basil mint thrive together but should be contained in ample pots or hangers, in a sheltered position to keep them from growing out of control. Don’t plant them into the garden unless you have plenty of space as they’ll soon become invasive.

If you don’t use mint in your cooking, add a sprig to your favorite summer drink. Why not try a traditional Mint Cooler?

2-3 tsp sugar mixed with crushed ice to fill the glass, freshly chopped spearmint leaves, topped with lemonade or – if you are not driving – a couple of nips of your favorite bourbon or brandy. A wonderful drink on a hot summers night!

For more traditional cooking, a large tub of rosemary will be useful to improve the flavor of lamb chops. The fresh grey leaves of sage enhance the flavor of chicken and nothing can compete with the flavor of freshly chopped basil as an addition to barbecued tomatoes and vegetables.

For Asian cuisine,lemon grass is flavorful and decorative, with a modern strapped leafed appearance. Lacy leafed coriander, tiny scarlet chilies, Thai basil, Garlic chives and Vietnamese mint are great to have on hand.

Herb planters can be aesthetically appealing and quite useful. Mix and match your favorite flavors. Ensure the use of a premium potting mix when planting up your containers. All herbs need regular water, good air circulation, plenty of sun, and lots of food to keep them growing well – the more they grow the more you can harvest. And finally, keep your herb pots close to the BBQ for easy picking as you need them.