Our Services


Spring Valley Garden Center install & maintain lawns in the Canada area. We can renew an existing lawn with our fertilization program using Scotts professional lawn products. Timed applications will help prevent weeds throughout the growing season. Key Benefits of our lawn services are: (1) Heat & cold tolerance to provide year round green lawns. (2)Thick turf to help prevent weeds. (3) Less mowing. This types of turf blend needs to be cut at 1.5-2 inch height. This helps save on watering costs.


We can design any landscape to suit your needs. These landscapes will perform in our severe weather, and enhance the look of your home. All designs are water efficient in plant material, mulches and irrigation. We offer many varieties of locally acclimated permanent shrubs. The best for our area require less maintenance. We can answer any question on planting in our area. We know which varieties grow best with less maintenance in fertilizing and insect control.


Computer landscape designs by Spring Valley Garden can be seen all over the area. Our system can take a digital photo from your property, then incorporate new plantings. From Lawns, gardens, color areas and much more. Our schedule is filling up fast. We use a computer based design program. This allows us to take a digital photo of the existing lawn or landscape and overlay with a new design. With this we can give the customer a visual of the new landscape. This plan can be altered in any way before any construction starts. Contact us for any landscape design help.